If you want some cheap printer ink, then Thu Shop Spot has a listing to a great company. Go to and click on the tech consumables link then on the office consumables link. This company is selling G&G ink which is a really good quality ink. When I was doing research on which third party ink to get for my printer, this brand of ink received very good reviews. It's not just another no name type of ink, but an established company which produces "as good as" if not better quality inks as the original ink. Here is a link to one review:

Of course you always get some people making negative statements about something that others rave about. I have used G&G ink for quite a number of years in an Epson and a Canon printer and it has performed very well. I have printed out numerous photos, posters and newsletters and have found the ink to be virtually equal to the Canon inks. The photos are very impressive in their quality.

I have never had a problem with them damaging the printer. The cartridges originally had no chip in them so that you had to pull a chip off of an empty Canon cartridge and install it onto the G&G cartridge. No big deal but was an extra step. This is no longer required, as the G&G ink cartridges now come with the chip installed. You just unpack the cartridge like any other printer compatible ink cartridge and install it.

The price for the G&G ink leaves the Canon ink with a faceful of dust. But don't let the cheaper price put you off. Have no fear, and purchase with confidence. I have recommended this ink to many other people and I have never had anyone tell me that the ink was lousy. Some of the other cheap inks available from ebay etc are not just cheap but also nasty. Many others will clog quickly and the only answer to this, is to throw away the cartridge and install another one. The quality of the inks can also be very iffy. G&G ink cartridges have never clogged on me and once you try them and see the quality of your printouts, you'll be swapping over to G&G ink permanently as well.

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  1. I decided to try G&G after what you've said. Read some other bad press about it, but also a lot of good stuff. Decided to take the plunge as the price was right. Glad I did. Great quality and great price. Thanks for the info.